Prototypes from a single source

Is your part highly complex, does it require absolute precision and should it ideally have been finished yesterday? Where other foundries thankfully decline, ACTech gets into the swing of things. When you go "all in" with us, rest assured: We complete the production of your castings on time and with high precision – even within very tight time schedules.

Finished part testing

The paint is dry and the laser engraving is in place – your part is ready! Well, almost, because first the finished part has to be tested: We take another very close look at your finished part using state of the art measuring technologies and classic testing methods.


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The finish line is in sight! Your part has passed our strict quality testing and is now prepared for shipment: secure packaging, complete documentation and daily pickups – we strive for quality right up to when your part leaves our premises.


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Ready, steady, go! The start signal for your part is given in our CAD division, where we develop the mold for your casting, completely digitally. This allows us to optimize the mold construction down to the last detail and adapt it 100% to your casting – from individual mold segments and gating and feeding technology to the fixtures and tools.


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Sand Casting - mold production

  • 3D printing of molding segments
  • Direct mold milling
  • Laser sintering of croning molding material
  • Mold production with foundry pattern making

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Sand Casting - Mold assembly

  • Smooth surfaces due to various methods of applying the coating.
  • Use of optical measurement technology for minimum tolerances.
  • Installation of chills, filters, heating elements or feeders for directional solidification including foundry supplies.

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Metal 3D printing

Smaller, more precise, more complex! The more challenging the parts, the more innovative the technologies we offer. A prime example: metal 3D printing. The additive process is ideal for small parts with highly complex structures or particularly thin walls.


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Aluminum, cast iron or steel – we are well versed with the complete range of materials. This is why in our foundry we work with all common standard alloys as well as special alloys and customer alloys. We cast the materials by hand, with much intuition and know-how, for perfect sand casting casting results.


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Raw part treatment

Our raw part treatment can be seen as a beauty program for your casting. Deburring, grinding and polishing – we make your parts radiate. And on request with numerous extra services: heat treatment, HIP, painting, coatings and much more.


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Raw part testing

Tight, crack-free and resilient – your raw part complies to all requirements. We not only claim this but can also prove it, because we always perform extensive raw part testing: hardness tests, metallography, leak testing, X-ray – you decide what is particularly important.


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15,000 tool components, 900 unwinding heads, an enormous CNC machine park! One thing is clear: We are particularly proud of our machining division. After all, this is where we guarantee fast, in-house, high-precision machining of your castings and metal 3D printed parts.


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Machined part treatment

Is your prototype complex and does it consist of several parts? No problem: The pre-assembly and assembly of complex component groups are standard for us. As is the entire gamut of machined part treatments: surface treatments, coatings, laser labeling – simply tell us what finishing your finished part needs.


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one goal:
the perfect Prototype

Discover our prototyping technologies 

Investement Casting
Metal 3D Printing
Sand Casting
Investement Casting
Metal 3D Printing
Sand Casting


We manufacture both small and filigree castings and large, heavy parts from a constantly expanding range of materials.


Due to optimized process chains, highly specialized technical personnel and modern technologies, we produce your components quickly and according to deadline.


Our comprehensive quality assurance processes, testing procedures and certifications ensure maximum quality for each and every casting.

The prototyping process at ACTech

Our mission: We produce highly complex prototypes and small batches in metal within the shortest possible times and with absolute precision. To achieve this, we focus on two production processes: metal casting and metal 3D printing. In our foundry we produce castings in sand casting. Selection of the appropriate process depends, among other factors, on your requirements for the part in terms of complexity, quantity, wall thickness and surface finish.

Would you like to know which production process is the most suitable for your part?

We will be pleased to advise you!

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Concentrated expertise for your project

Project management

  • Responsible for all internal and external project communication 
  • Coordinates the project management of raw and finished part production and offers technical support for large customers and special projects 

Foundry project management

  • Responsible for all details of the raw casting production of your parts 
  • Specialized in casting technologies and their application as well as experienced in handling all casting materials 

Machining project management

  • Responsible for all details of the machining of your parts 
  • Technical expertise in CNC machining – independent of industries and part geometries 

Perfectly optimized process flows

Good is not good enough for us! This is why ACTech is constantly evolving: We regularly review the use of new technologies and production facilities and optimize our workflows in terms of quality assurance and time savings. Our objective: to accelerate prototype production, shorten lead times and guarantee best support for customers. 

Our effectiveness is the reason customers go 'all in' with us time and time again. Whether metal casting or additive manufacturing, with prototyping we're the leaders as well as being champions of diversity: In more than 25 years we've produced over 230,000 prototypes in metal and more than 35,000 constructions – for numerous industries and customers from all over the world. No matter how demanding your part is, our team of highly qualified specialists develops the right solution for you.


What does go "all in" at ACTech mean?

What does go "all in" at ACTech mean?

At ACTech we 'go All in' and that means two things. Firstly, we rely on internal solutions – you get all casting and CNC machining processes from a single source. This makes us more independent, more reliable and faster than others. Secondly, it means our high level of commitment with every project and every challenge. We commit all resources to help you bring your project to life. 

What are the advantages of ordering prototypes instead of directly ordering batch parts?

What are the advantages of ordering prototypes instead of directly ordering batch parts?

Prototyping is an important part of the design process. You can think of it a little like an insurance policy. Before you invest in a full batch, you should make sure your design meets the requirements. Reliability is of decisive importance, and it's something you can achieve with rapid prototyping. The initial investment may seem connected with high costs, but doing it right the first time will save you time, money, and materials in the long run.

Does ACTech also offer CNC machining?

Does ACTech also offer CNC machining?

CNC machining is part of our 'all in' concept and we base this on the many years of experience we have in this field. Our advantage lies in our extensive CNC machine park with over 20 machining centers, shuttle table system and state of the art tool management. This gives us very high levels of flexibility in terms of using different machining equipment, diverse sizes and various machining processes – we can switch from milling to turning and combine the two.

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