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Fast action is needed if plant and machinery components are damaged – otherwise there is a risk of high costs caused by downtime and delivery failures. However, procuring spare parts is often awkward and time-consuming, especially for special machines and older systems. ACTech offers a much faster alternative with Spare Parts on Demand: We produce spare parts for plants and machinery as fully machined cast parts or in metal 3D printing.

  • Machines and systems consist of a large number of sometimes highly complex components, and stocking all of these as spare parts in cases of damage is extremely storage- and cost-intensive. 

  • The procurement of spare parts is often difficult and expensive particularly for special machines. 

  • Repairing or replacing the defective component comes with high time pressure to keep production losses or downtimes as low as possible.


We stand for rapid solutions!

Time is money! To prevent defective components of systems and machines from becoming financial drains, maximum speed is the order of the day for replacement. With Spare Parts on Demand, we guarantee the high-speed production of spare parts, even for highly complex components. How do we achieve this? We produce your spare parts on the basis of previously created 3D data sets as part of our proven process chain. In many cases the fastest variant is additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing). This process is particularly suitable for very compact, delicate parts. Our sand casting technologies are the ideal solution on the other hand for larger spare parts made of aluminum, iron or steel. From thumb-sized parts to fully machined castings weighing hundreds of kilograms, everything is possible – with quality comparable to batch production always guaranteed.

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Quality Assurance at ACTech

The quality management system used by ACTech GmbH has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 by the certification body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH. Since October 2016, ACTech GmbH has been certified as a welding company according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 by TÜV Süd.

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What is the advantage of prototype production in the spare parts sector?

What is the advantage of prototype production in the spare parts sector?

Another area is the production of spare parts on demand. Stocking parts with a long life cycle is storage- and cost-intensive. A better solution is just-in-time production, especially when a spare part is needed urgently. The speed and quality of our prototyping becomes an absolute advantage for customers in such cases.

How quickly can spare parts be produced?

How quickly can spare parts be produced?

Fundamentally, spare parts can be produced just as quickly as other prototype parts within a few weeks. If there are no data and/or drawings available, these can be created beforehand by ACTech. After their inspection and release by the customer, the production of spare parts begins immediately in the usual ACTech quality.

How does reproducing spare parts work without 3D data or drawings?

How does reproducing spare parts work without 3D data or drawings?

History and modernity come together in the reproduction of vintage spare parts and the production of replicas with our computer- and laser-assisted technologies. If the part is still available, a 3D model of it is generated by 3D measurement, CT and subsequent reconstruction. A casting mold is constructed from this data for casting and then finishing the part. Of course, all castings are produced in the original material and with the requisite tolerances. 

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