Metal casting

Whether aluminum, cast iron or steel: Where other suppliers limit themselves to a single material, with ACTech you 'all in' with metal casting – and benefit from a wide spectrum of casting materials. We have the technology and expertise to process all standard alloys as well as special and customer alloys – and for single components on request.

  • Metal casting in all common steel, iron and aluminum alloys 

  • Versatile sizes and quantities of units 

  • Realization of complex geometries and challenging materials 

The casting process in metal:
maximum material flexibility

Individual solutions are part of our DNA: This is why we work with several furnaces in our foundry for melting a wide range of alloys. We consistently stock all standard alloys ranging from aluminum and nickel-based alloys to cast iron and steel. As a result, we can guarantee fast, deadline-compliant production of your castings in sand casting – whilst you benefit from maximum reliability with project planning.


Do you need a special alloy because your part has to withstand special specifications? On request we produce special alloys according to your specifications in-house or use your own alloys. We find individual solutions for unusual material requirements: If required, we produce innovative hybrid components in our metal casting facilities which combine several materials in one casting. This provides you with even more flexibility when developing new prototypes.

  • Rapid implementation 
    Standard alloys always available 

  • New materials 
    Production of special alloys and use of customer alloys 

  • Combination of alloys
    Production of hybrid components with multiple materials possible

Metal casting at ACTech –
complex geometries and diverse sizes

We love challenges: In the field of metal casting, we work with modern processes and technologies developed in-house to push the limits of what is feasible and produce parts that enable you to set new standards. Accordingly, we offer you maximum diversity and versatility not only in terms of materials but also in terms of parts geometry and size. With us you can place orders for simple or complex components weighing from a few grams to 1.5 tons – for industries such as the automotive sector, maritime applications and commercial and construction vehicles. In addition to single pieces, small batches with higher quantities are part and parcel of our daily business. Thanks to our eight melting furnaces we can melt and process several casting materials simultaneously – for components comparable to batch production within the shortest possible time. 


Would you like to have a prototype cast that has never been cast before? Our experience with more than 35,000 designs and over 230,000 prototypes in metal means we are a pioneer. Whether cylinder head, turbine casing or complex gearbox housing, we are the ideal partner for any metal cast component. Thanks to further services such as raw part treatment and raw part testing as well as machining, you receive your parts from our facilities machined ready for installation, thus saving time-intensive work steps. Do you need even more assurance? With our live tracking function and in-process communication via our project management, you always stay up to date about the status of production.

  • Sizes 
    Metal casting for parts from a few grams to 1.5 tons 

  • Quantities 
    Production of single pieces, prototypes and small batches  

  • Geometry 
    Over 25 years of experience with a wide variety of highly complex part geometries

Highest standards and new technologies

Our mission: to realize parts where other suppliers throw in the towel – with maximum quality and in record time. To achieve this, we regularly optimize our production processes and continuously develop own technologies. For example, we use a patented cooling process in aluminum casting for improved quality of casting and optimized material properties. Find out for yourself: The diversity and versatility of our processes as well as their combination options means we are your reliable rapid-prototyping problem solver.


Which alloys can be used in metal casting at ACTech?

Which alloys can be used in metal casting at ACTech?

We use the complete range of common alloys for metal casting, we produce individual special alloys and work with customer alloys. More detailed information on materials can be found in our materials list.

What metal casting quantities can be achieved at ACTech?

What metal casting quantities can be achieved at ACTech?

Our focus is on the fastest possible production of prototypes and single parts with unit quantities from 1 to 20, but we also easily produce small batches exceeding one hundred units.

What component sizes in metal casting are possible at ACTech?

What component sizes in metal casting are possible at ACTech?

You can order small components of just a few centimeters in size from us just as easily as large castings several meters in size.