Castings for your industry

Versatile, fast and reliable – when it comes to castings for industry, research and development, no one beats us. This is why ACTech has been a reliable partner to numerous companies and innovative industries for over 25 years. Whether large, heavy or filigree castings – we master every challenge.

Castings for alternative drives

Clean combustion engines, e-drives and alternative fuels – to master the mobility transition, innovative solutions, short production and delivery times and above-average quality standards are required. Oftentimes the limits of what is feasible must be explored anew, and this is precisely what motivates us to deliver top performance: We are always to be found at the apex of where complex part geometries, unprecedented requirements and innovative technologies meet. 

We manufacture castings for alternative drives – whether for cars, construction machinery or commercial vehicles. We also draw on our consistently expanding materials portfolio and our extensive technical expertise. The latest technologies, thanks to which we produce even the most demanding castings with high precision, as well as comprehensive quality assurance processes, are of course always part of the package.   

Alternative drives


We manufacture both small and filigree castings and large, heavy parts from a constantly expanding range of materials.


Due to optimized process chains, highly specialized technical personnel and modern technologies, we produce your components quickly and according to deadline.


Our comprehensive quality assurance processes, testing procedures and certifications ensure maximum quality for each and every casting.

Spare Parts on Demand

Replacing defective, unavailable parts is an enormous challenge for many companies. Spare Parts on Demand offers a fast and effective solution: Based on 3D data sets, we produce spare parts as castings or metal 3D printed components – in a wide variety of materials and with complete machining. This enables us to secure highly significant time and cost benefits for you. 

Spare parts on demand

Highest quality standards for all industries

In terms of complexity, precision and speed, ACTech are undisputedly leading the way. We leave nothing to chance: We rely on modern manufacturing technologies and highly qualified specialist personnel, and also work with comprehensive quality assurance along the complete process chain. From mold construction to finished part testing – we consistently attain perfection.

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