In shipping, we ignite the turbo for you. After all, speed and compliance to deadlines are not the only ACTech top priority when producing parts. To ensure that you receive your part as quickly as possible, we go 'all in' with shipping – including same-day pickup, provision of all relevant proofs and documents as well as high quality packaging.

  • Cooperation with various forwarding agents for daily pickups 

  • Complete provision of proofs and documents 

  • Transport-resistant packaging including corrosion protection 

Smooth shipping at ACTech

We get your part on its way quickly and on schedule thanks to the experienced team in our shipping division. This is where all the threads come together, from detailed packaging of the parts and compiling of all necessary documents to the coordination of deadlines with forwarding agents. We cooperate with various shippers to ensure that your parts are picked up on the same day, often enabling European deliveries within 24 hours. We also guarantee further plus points on your time account thanks to the rapid collection of all relevant documents: invoices, export declarations, proofs of origin and movement certificates


– we know what is important for both domestic and international deliveries. We rely on manual packing to ensure that your parts reach you in perfect condition: Each part is individually packed in shock- and scratch-proof packaging, and depending on size and weight even in wooden crates specifically made by a carpenter. Always included: VCI paper or film for reliable corrosion protection.

  • Customs 
    Simplified, accelerated procedures due to customs authorizations 

  • Own vehicle fleet 
    Personal deliveries if required  

  • Packaging 
    Customized packaging with cardboard boxes, pallets or wooden crates from the carpenter 

Special requests? – We make it possible!

Do you need special documents for shipping your parts or do you have any other specific requirements? We are happy to comply and take your individual shipping needs into account – this also applies to details such as packaging size and special external packaging.


How does ACTech ensure fast customs clearance?

How does ACTech ensure fast customs clearance?

To also guarantee the shortest delivery times internationally, ACTech is an:  

  • Approved exporter (ZA/SDE) 

  • Authorized exporter (EA) 

  • Registered exporter (REX) 

What are the standard delivery terms at ACTech?

What are the standard delivery terms at ACTech?

DAP is standard within the EU and EXW outside the EU. Other INCO terms (e.g. FCA) can be implemented upon customer request.

How long does it take to ship the part after its completion?

How long does it take to ship the part after its completion?

Our standard delivery time is 1 to 2 business days in Europe and 2 to 7 days outside Europe depending on the continent. Faster deliveries are possible via express or courier upon customer request.