Finished part treatment
and testing

ACTech is always at your side as a reliable partner, from the starting gun to the finish line. Our work is not complete until you hold your part in your hands ready for assembly. This is why we accept no compromises when it comes to finished part finishing and quality testing, and we assume these tasks ourselves.

  • Professional pre-assembly and assembly of complex part groups 

  • Extensive options for finished part treatment according to needs 

  • Certified quality assurance including detailed test documentation 

Extensive finished part
treatment at ACTech

Does your prototype consist of more than one part? To fit valve seat inserts, cam caps and inserts etc., the right equipment is needed along with extensive expertise. We have both, and handle the professional insertion of assembly parts as well as the assembly of individual castings and metal 3D printed parts directly in-house. This saves you much time on the path to your ready-to-assemble part and guarantees our above-average ACTech quality across all production steps.


However, cooperating with us is not just possible during pre-assembly – we also take care of further processing of the finished component. Processes such as construction welding, laser labeling and coating allow us to offer you a wide range of services that we are constantly expanding. We also pay attention to seemingly incidental details: for example we clean your castings according to your specifications to the level of industrial component cleaning, including purity testing.

  • Wide range of services
    Construction welding, laser labeling, surface treatment, abrasive flow machining, coating 

  • Cleaning of castings 
    Industrial component cleaning of prototypes in all sizes 

  • Expertise and experience
    Equipment and know-how for pre-assembly and finished part treatment available in-house  

Detailed finished part
testing at ACTech

Whether produced by sand casting or by metal 3D printing – you rightly place the highest demands on your finished part with properties that compare to batch production. Especially applicable concerning quality and precision: Only if all your specifications are precisely complied with are you able to use the prototype as planned. This is where our no-risk strategy comes into play: As part of our certified quality testing, we extensively check that your part has been implemented in all details according to specifications. We document the results in detail in a test certificate.


To ensure complete accuracy with every quality test, we work with various procedures which we perform according to your requirements. A prime example: 3D measurement. After machining, we use optical, tactile and/or manual 3D measurement to check that all of your specifications have been complied with. Do you need even more assurance? We are also pleased to perform leak tests and optical roughness measurements for you.

  • Extensive test procedures 
    3D measurement (optical, tactile and manual), leak tests, optical roughness measurements 

  • Extensive documentation 
    Detailed reproduction of all results in a test certificate 

  • High time savings
    All testing processes from a single source

Performance and quality far exceeding standards

Do you have very specific requirements for your part and therefore need quality tests and/or finished part treatment that differs from the standard? Working with us means you have an expert at your side for whom thinking outside the box is second nature. This also includes consistently finding individual solutions tailored to your needs with finished part treatment and testing.


How do you ensure that parts are delivered clean, grease-free and without production residues?

How do you ensure that parts are delivered clean, grease-free and without production residues?

At ACTech, each finished part is subjected to a visual inspection conducted by certified test personnel with regard to e.g. chips, foreign bodies after assembly, test equipment residues and surface defects. Furthermore, the internal geometries of parts are inspected with use of endoscopy; the endoscope diameter ranges from 2.4 to 8 mm. Smaller parts are cleaned with the aid of an ultrasonic bath and we also have washing facilities for large, heavy parts.

Can the surface roughness of metal prototypes be influenced, and is the result measurable?

Can the surface roughness of metal prototypes be influenced, and is the result measurable?

The surface finish of each part depends on the production technology (sand casting, investment casting or metal 3D printing). A change in the surface roughness of internal geometries is possible by e.g. applying abrasive flow machining. A roughness measuring unit is used to test or verify the existing surface roughness.

Is mounting possible with assembly parts or other components?

Is mounting possible with assembly parts or other components?

Yes – ACTech has its own capacities for this purpose. For example, mounting with manufactured cam caps can be performed as well as the pressing in of bushings and valve seat inserts. Similarly, assembly processing of several individual parts is possible. This 'all in' concept means we can provide customers with ready-to-install parts.