Castings for mechanical and plant engineering

Industry 4.0, national hydrogen campaign, synthetic fuels – today's demands made on machine and plant manufacturers are high and continue to grow. To develop efficiently functioning, future-proof systems, it is essential to have rapidly available and qualitatively superior parts. ACTech is glad to support you in this respect: For more than 25 years we have been producing high quality castings for machine and plant engineering ranging from single parts and very small batches to spare parts.

  • Parts for plants and machines must in some cases withstand extreme requirements, which is why special materials are required for their production. 

  • To ensure application safety, elaborate quality controls are required. 

  • Current developments (climate change, Industry 4.0 etc.) mean that component specifications are constantly changing.


We always deliver!

Complex, innovative, adaptable – when you go 'all in' with ACTech, you rely on a partner who welcomes a challenge. In the production of prototypes and very small batches in metal, we consistently break new ground, eliminate hindrances and find the right solution for any requirement. As part of this we rely on an above-average materials portfolio which we continuously expand through our own materials testing. We also demonstrate our strength of innovation in the range of our projects: Whether applications such as pumps and compressors or the consolidation of welded assemblies into castings – as a leader among prototype foundries we are keen to face any challenge. Additional safety guarantees: Our comprehensive quality assurance along the entire process chain as well as all requisite certifications.

Our capabilities

Prototypes for plant and machines

In the area of plant and mechanical engineering we produce prototypes as well as special single parts, very small batches and spare parts. Typical components for this branch of industry are pumps, compressors, wheels, impellers and valve housings. Do you have a very special vision? We are also your ideal partner for special components.

Certifications and quality

For us, standing idle is not an option. This is why we are continuously developing, reviewing our existing processes for optimization potential and evaluating how we can provide even better service and even higher quality. As a consequence, our quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001 by 'TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH'.

Our certificates


What is the largest or smallest part that ACTech can produce?

What is the largest or smallest part that ACTech can produce?

We have already worked on parts of highly differing sizes – large parts such as the housing of helicopters as well as small parts that would fit in the palm of your hand. However, we don't like to be restricted to the size of the parts. If they can be moved through our gates we get down to work.

What are the advantages of a casting over a milled part?

What are the advantages of a casting over a milled part?

If the batch parts are also subsequently produced by casting, the properties are comparable. Conclusions about material behavior, durability and producibility of the batch parts can be made more easily. As a result, any weak points can be detected and adjusted at an earlier stage.

How does ACTech cope with constantly increasing tolerance specifications?

How does ACTech cope with constantly increasing tolerance specifications?

Through continuous process optimization and a constant adaptation of our technologies. Our range of expertise is constantly expanding as a result of the multitude and diversity of our projects. This knowledge can be transferred directly to consistently growing requirements.

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