Mold construction

Each run begins with the first step. At ACTech, the start signal for work on your project is given in the CAD division. Here, our team develops the mold construction for your casting, simulates the entire mold filling and solidification process and thus sets the course for series-comparable parts at the first pouring.

  • Comprehensive expertise in all common CAD systems 

  • Individual mold construction for above-average casting quality 

  • Detailed testing of design data for optimization potential

Digital mold development
and simulations

In order to produce a qualitatively convincing part with series-comparable properties from a casting design, many details must be coordinated. For this reason, our CAD team checks your data set taking into account the technologies utilized by us. After all, the parameters that can be implemented in sand casting differ significantly, especially in the case of complex parts. We then devote ourselves to the mold construction for your component: With consideration of the size, quantity, material and casting process, each mold is digitally created as a unique unit – tailored precisely to the requirements of your casting.


We leave nothing to chance: This is why we take every last detail into account during mold construction, from individual mold segments to the gating system. Our CAD professionals then digitally simulate the entire mold filling and solidification process. This enables the mold to be planned with extreme precision. In turn, series-comparable parts are guaranteed of above-average quality right from the first pouring. A further plus: During the mold construction process, we identify potential for optimization in the casting design at an early stage and pass this on to you directly.

  • Data basis
    3D data sets for raw castings and finished parts 

  • Data transmission
    Customer portals, Cryptshare, OFTP2, ODETTE

  • Software
    CATIA, Creo Parametric, Siemens NX 

Maximum precision and time savings:
mold construction at ACTech

As known to us all, the devil is in the details – and this also applies to mold construction. So much the better that in more than 25 years of company history we have produced over 230,000 prototypes in metal. Based on this experience, we develop the mold construction for your casting quickly and with high precision. Simultaneously, we have an additional ace up our sleeve: ACTech uses a wide variety of mold-making processes in the area of sand casting. Thanks to this selection, we can already adapt the mold even more precisely to your casting during the planning phase. By the way: Not only is mold production planned in our CAD division – all provisions are also taken here for the later CNC machining of your component.


Trust is good, control is better – because this is the only way to ensure flawless quality across the entire process chain. This is why we rely on close cooperation, both in internal communication between our divisions and in external communication with you. Our CAD team is in constant communication with the foundry project management, thus guaranteeing even higher precision in mold production. At the same time we provide you with regular status updates to keep you involved in all important processes. You thus retain complete control at every stage in the process and can place your full confidence in the timely completion of your parts.

  • Reliability 
    3D CAD data as a basis for quality controls in the production process 

  • Simulation 
    Mold filling- and solidification simulation 

  • Construction 
    Gating and feeding technology, mold segments, fixtures and tools 

More flexibility with ACTech

Have you constructed a casting and would you like to pass on the finished data to our foundry? With us you benefit from maximum flexibility: CATIA, Siemens NX, Creo Parametric – we work with the latest software versions of all common CAD systems. We also guarantee strict compliance with all industry standards.


Which systems are used for CAD casting construction?

Which systems are used for CAD casting construction?

We work with all common systems: Siemens NX, CATIA, Creo Parametric – simply tell us which software you use for the construction of castings. We have the ideal professional under our roof. 

How can I transmit data?

How can I transmit data?

For secure data transfer, we are happy to register on a data exchange platform of your choice. Alternatively, send your data to us quickly, easily and securely via Cryptshare, OFTP2 or ODETTE.

Why do you have a construction division if I provide ready constructed data?

Why do you have a construction division if I provide ready constructed data?

The mold for your casting is constructed in our CAD division – this is decisive for fast production as well as flawless quality. In addition, we set the course here for the subsequent CNC machining of the part. This also passes on additional time benefits to you.