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What material are our moulds made from?
You can find the answer in our video about working as a foundry mechanic.
On many of our cast blanks you can find a large cross approx. 3 cm in size. What is that?
Chill imprint
Casting fault
Company logo
“Many” and “casting faults” in the same sentence? Not in our book. So? By the way, you can see our logo in the top left of the page ;)
How many times can our moulds be used?
At least 10 x
Up to 10 x
Up to 50 x
Have you ever heard of “lost wax casting”?
What is slag?
The past tense of slug
Non-metallic smelting residue
A cavity formed during the solidification of cast parts
An additive added to the molten material during casting
Be honest: you let your mind wander, didn’t you? Don’t get distracted!
What does CNC mean?
Cutting Near Computer
Computerised Numeric Control
Café Near City
Challenge New Champions
Do you like to work with computers?
What does the figure ±0.03 represent?
Material quality of a workpiece
Screwdriver thickness
Fluctuations in material price
Specified tolerance of a dimension
ACTech is known for its high-precision castings.
What does depth setting mean to us?
A nautical term related to submarines
The casting is meant for underground use
The cutting depth to which the machine is set
The tool is located in the basement
That was too easy, right?
Should machinists listen to metal?
Only with headphones
As training, of course
It feels good being right about everything, doesn’t it?
What does “all in” mean for ACTech?
Having all, mastering all, giving all, maintaining all
Everyone at ACTech goes round with a poker face
A casting made of pure aluminium
Aliens on the move
ACTech is pretty self-confident, don’t you think?
What does “rapid prototyping” mean?
A high-speed train
A process for the quick production of sample components
An Austrian football club
A process for the serial production of castings
If you take a QUICK look, you might find a SAMPLE.
What does the name “ACTech” mean?
“ACT” stands for action and “tech” for technology, so action technology.
Advanced Casting Technologies
The name does not mean anything
Try casting a glance at the answers again.
When was ACTech founded?
Home page ;)
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