Five tips for your Application

  1. The summer holidays after the 9th grade are the perfect time to apply with us. We are prototypically fast – and you should be too.
  2. Knowledge works wonders. Because we want to discuss the big Ws with you: Why you want to learn with us, which career path you want to follow, and why would you make a good addition to our team? You should answer these questions in your cover letter.
  3. After speed and persuasiveness comes completeness: Send us your cover letter with your CV, copies of your last two school reports and work placement evaluations – either by post or as a PDF document to 
  4. Be honest: if excitement rises in you during the interview, let it show. We understand how you feel. Or, it may be that you are cool and collected. Either way is fine. Our criteria are not digital; they go beyond 0 or 1.
  5. Do you think there is still room for improvement in your grades? Step on the gas, especially in maths and physics. And of course, we will also look at your top grades (yes, we already know... even so!). And by the way: your practical experience with technology is a real plus point.