Facing challenges with resolve and focus and mastering them every time is what our customers expect from us. This is exactly why working at ACTech means going “all in”. In other words, our tasks not only require practical skills at the highest level, but also loyalty, optimism, flexibility and credibility. This applies to every area and every individual.

You may already have noticed that it takes a special kind of person to work at ACTech. Are you professionally skilled, honest and able to motivate others with your leadership? Do you trust in your abilities as much as in those of your colleagues? In that case ACTech, one of the most attractive companies in the region, could be your future employer. Let's go “all in” together.

  1. Challenges – “all in”
    Complex constructions, sophisticated processes and state of the art technology – at ACTech you work on innovations on a daily basis. Almost every casting is the first of its kind and excitement is guaranteed.
  2. Teamwork – “all in”
    An ACTech prototype is always the result of the precise interaction of highly varied departments. Intensive communication and the flexibility of individuals feed into a streamlined workflow. In other words, you never fly blind, are never alone and never experience a hint of boredom.
  3. Best conditions – “all in”
    As employers, we hold ourselves to at least the same standards as our customers do us, and we our products. Motivated employees, a friendly and trustworthy working environment and low-friction processes are our life insurance. This is why we invest a great deal in optimal ergonomic conditions and state-of-the-art equipment for the workplace, and of course in you.
  4. Development – “all in”
    When we say we constantly develop to stay one step ahead, this means you develop in unison: your abilities, your function and your responsibility. Through training and working regularly on and with new technologies, you are always at the cutting edge in your career, and probably ahead of the rest.
  5. Continuity – “all in”
    Buying a house? Children? A gap year in Australia? It might sound presumptuous, but we can and want to be the constant that supports you in shaping your life the way you want. What we offer: the stability of a future-proof market leader and the flexibility of a modern employer. Plan with us.
  6. Confidentiality – “all in”
    At ACTech you always work with the products of the future. While the trade press is still speculating about what the new 8-valve will look like, we are already working, together with our customers, on its successor. For this reason, confidentiality is one of the biggest responsibilities for all our employees.