Christmas donation 2021 - Help for the wish granters

This year, our Christmas donation of 5,000 euros will go to the "Wünschewagen - letzte Wünsche wagen" project of the Arbeiter Samariter Bund in Saxony.

The "Wünschewagen Sachsen" has been on the road since December 2016 to fulfill a wish of the heart for people in their last phase of life. Since then, the converted ambulance has already accompanied over 130 passengers on their wish journeys. By granting wishes to seriously ill patients of all ages, the volunteers help to ensure that life itself remains colorful and valuable until the end of life. The wishes are of various kinds, such as a trip to the seaside, a visit to the soccer stadium, drinking coffee in one's own garden, building a snowman and much more.

The project lives exclusively on donations, own funds and the commitment of hundreds of volunteers.

We are happy to support this great project and hope that one or the other wish can be fulfilled with our Christmas donation.