International sales team completes competence workshop in Freiberg

Employees and sales experts of the Indian and US American locations of ACTech GmbH have met for the 1st International Sales Meeting from 30th of November until 6th of December in Freiberg. The aim of the meeting was to expand the international sales structures of the locally based company. ACTech wants to make the know-how and expertise of the different global sales methods available across the borders. In addition to the main sales markets of the automotive and machine manufactures as well as the aerospace industry ACTech wants to address further markets with products tailored to the specific regional needs.

"English week" creates new expertise

ACTech offers a highly diverse spectrum of parts in global regions. For the Indian market for example castings for the tractor development are the most important products, whereas casting-prototypes for the future automobile models are dominating the portfolio in Europe and the US. ACTech uses the focused knowledge exchange to share the experiences and to transfer them to new markets. During the one-week meeting the sales experts have been working in competence workshops to improve internal communication procedures, to adjust processes and to coordinate workflows.

"To work as one team you have to know your partner, even if he is 8.000 kilometers away", says Christian Schmidt (Sales Manager), "because sales only works between people."

International flair at the Christmas market

The workshops took place parallel to the companies Christmas party. Therefore the Freiberg, Indian and American colleagues used the opportunity to visit the Freiberger Christmas market and the local attractions. Especially the Saxony Christmas culture - with the Schwibbogen (traditional candle arch), Raachermannel (incense burners) & Co - were liked by the foreign colleagues.