Invest Now, Save Later: The Value of Reliability in Prototype Casting

Jon Cooper

When you invest in metal casting, you're looking for one thing above all else: reliability. You want a final product that works as promised. You want your project completed on time. And you want the reassurance of working with experts. Here's why it matters and why you'll get all of that when you work with ACTech.

Whether you're creating a prototype, an urgent spare part, or a small batch of products, the price matters. But what matters more is reliability, even if it means investing a little more in the early stages. It will save you money in the long term, which is why ACTech invests heavily in our technology, services, and employees to make sure you get it. 

Reliable quality

Costly recalls. Unexpected failures. Anything that drags a project back to square one is the stuff of nightmares. First and foremost, you want a product that works. One of the key thoughts behind prototyping is ensuring that your end part does exactly that. You test it in real-life situations, make improvements with every iteration, and end up with a better, more reliable part as a result. 
The same applies to any other part you're casting. Whether it's casting to a variety of international standards or adding modern technology into the production process, quality management is key. Tight casting tolerances are a prime example. 


"At ACTech, we use an optical scanner to assemble molds, especially when the parts are complex. It's an intuitive system and very easy to use. For example, when one of our workers mounts the casting cores together, they can check a screen to make sure everything matches the raw part 3D data we get from our customers. 

While it requires a little more time and attention, activities like this help us provide fast and reliable service while guaranteeing the tight casting tolerances you're looking for." – Carolin Neumann | Sales Engineer

Reliable service

For many industries, dependability is crucial. As with any project, delays have a knock-on effect for the following stages, including your ideal end date. Whether you're set up for just-in-time manufacturing, need a rapid prototype, or are in urgent need of a spare part, short lead times — and a partner that meets their deadlines — are more important than ever. Better yet, they can also save you money. 

The main reason for this is storage. Or rather, the absence of it. By ensuring the parts you need arrive only when you need them, there's no need to pay costly fees to have them sitting around gathering dust and potentially becoming obsolete before the time comes to install them. 

But how can anyone guarantee the short lead times you need? It all comes down to planning.


"Planning is an incredibly important part of achieving short lead times and one of the most valuable aspects of our know-how. 

When we begin to develop and cast the part, every shift is carefully structured and organized. This wouldn't be possible if we didn't handle every step of the process under one roof or without our workers' professionalism, flexibility, and diverse skills. They execute the plan from start to finish and bring these projects to life with short lead times". – Marc Schulze | Sales Engineer

Of course, it's not all about the individuals. The quality of the tools at their disposal also plays its part. When you're on the hunt for a reliable partner, knowing what the facility is capable of producing at any given time is significant. 


"One of the unique benefits of working with ACTech is the access we have to our custom-made solutions. With our shuttle table system, for example, we can begin work on a new part within ten minutes of finishing one as we no longer need to spend a lot of time clamping and unclamping parts.

It allows us to offer great flexibility in terms of different machines, different sizes, and different machining processes — we can go from milling to turning, or combine the two. While we mainly machine our castings, we're also able to work on 3D-printed parts or craft something from a full block — whatever is best for your project". – Tobias Oehme | Sales Engineer

Reliable expertise

Few resources are as valuable as knowledge and experience. From knowing which metal is closest to your project’s requirements, to dealing with any hiccups you meet along the way, the added value of the two from beginning to end can be priceless. If this expertise covers various stages of the project, such as casting and machining, it can even help avoid delays or costly errors sometimes caused by switching between partners, ensuring everything remains on track. 

Bringing this expertise under one roof is part of what makes ACTech's all-in approach so reliable. The entire process is handled by experts in their field, from design to implementation, cutting out any costly mistakes, avoiding the blame game, and ultimately, saving you time and money. 


"At ACTech, we have always relied on in-house solutions — all casting and CNC machining processes related to rapid prototyping are carried out in-house, from the first design to a final part that is ready to install. 

Because of this, we control all production processes ourselves, minimize risks, and shorten delivery times for faster cycles. This makes us more independent, more reliable, and quicker than others. Together with the experience we've developed through working on more than 30,000 different prototyping projects, it is this concept that convinces our customers to go 'all in' with us time and again". – Carolin Neumann | Sales Engineer

Summing it up

When you invest in reliability, you invest wisely. Having faith in both your end product AND the partners you choose to help build it is an incredible comfort, especially when deadlines are tight. While it may be a little costlier in the early stages, you're sure to see the benefits further down the line. 


Would you like to learn more about prototype casting or ask for more information about starting a project with ACTech? We'd love to have a conversation.