Vienna Motor Symposium 2022 - A congress under high voltage

After a break of almost 3 years, the time had come again. Our sales engineers Thomas Beier and Andreas Weise took part in the Vienna Motor Symposium. There they found not only numerous interesting exhibitors but also a well-known project.

This was a cylinder head, which was developed in cooperation with our partner AVL. This cylinder head is installed in a Mitsubishi Outlander with 2.5 L gasoline engine and hybrid drive. Thanks to various applications in this vehicle, efficiency increases of approx. 15 % can be achieved!

In addition to such development examples and many groundbreaking presentations, networking between and with the development partners was not neglected. In total, around 900 participants in attendance and around 250 participants online discussed the #mobility turnaround and its technological implementation over the three days. During the symposium, three possible paths for the future crystallized in presentations and discussions:

✅ purely battery-powered drives

✅ fuel cell drives

✅ hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines

The question of whether enough energy is available and how it gets to the vehicle was not considered during these three days.

The bottom line for us as ACTech is:
Regardless of what the mobility revolution looks like and what technologies are applied, there will be plenty of development. Metal prototypes play an important role in this. This is exactly what #ACTech is your reliable partner for.