Who will receive the ACTech Christmas donation 2019?

Like many years before, our employees have voted on our annual Christmas donation. This year we have chosen to give 10,000 € total to the assistance fund „Familien in Not“ of the  Kinderschutzbund, the  high school Rechenberg-Bienenmühle, the Freiberg high schools „Clara Zetkin“ and „Gottfried Pabst von Ohain“ and also to the Diakonische Werk in Freiberg. 

All of the recipients were surprised by the generous donations, and at the donation ceremony, the background information was presented.

We at ACTech are very interested in strengthening and supporting Freiberg and the surrounding region. That’s why it is good to see the ideas behind the usages of the donations. In the schools the money will mainly be invested in classrooms, technical equipment, sporting facilities and internal school projects. In the social institutions of the Kinderschutzbund, the money will go to the project “Familien in Not”. The Diakonie will use it for in areas of drug addiction prevention and in psychological health.

We wish you every success in implementing the planned projects!